Ananya 4.0 was organized by the We_Can family on 30th & 31st March 2018 in Visvesvaraya Auditorium, NIT Agartala.

On the First day of it, many children showed up with enormous participation in all the events.

“Drawing Competition” took the spotlight, witnessing increased participation compared to earlier editions.

“Search in the Dictionary” and “Map the Map”, new to this edition, tested children with their mental ability.

Fun events took place at the Auditorium including ‘Frog jump’, ’Marble race’, ‘Bot race’, ‘Touch me not’, ‘Coin quiz’, ‘Ping pong’ and ‘Dice race’. Volunteers faced a tough time serving the children with their quest to participate in every event. It was really fun!

To boost up the energy of the otherwise energetic children, We_Can team served them delicious lunch during the break time.

In the evening session, ‘Solo Dance’ and ‘Group Song’ competitions were conducted. All the performances were truly appreciable. It was then followed by the Prize distribution for all the winners given away the honorable judges.

The Second day of Ananya 4.0 came with a hell lot of energy not only among children but among volunteers as well. On that day, various competitions were organized similar to the Day 1. But some of them were new and even more exciting. The list included ‘Chess’, ‘Carrom’, ‘Sack Race’, ‘Pinata’, ‘Marble Race’ and ‘Computer Gaming’. Fancy Dress Competition was the one everyone eagerly waited for. Many children participated in it, representing a plethora of different characters. In the cultural session of the day, “Solo song competition” was held along with “Group Dance competition”. Some nail biting performances in both the competitions took away the heart of the audience for they being truly adorable.

Finally, prizes were distributed to the winners and certificates were given to the participating students by our honourable guests and judges.

We_Can family is proud to put smile on these innocent faces during Ananya.








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