Open Culture

Open Culture

Open Culture

Open Culture is this community of people that we are thinking about coming up in our college, where people will get a proper platform to connect with their seniors, share their ideas regarding day-to-day college stuff and showcase their hidden talent. Basically we are thinking about starting a community to get rid of this broad communication gap that we see in our college every day among people coming from various parts of this country. Open Culture will be a place where people will share their different cultural background with everyone and will work as one towards their goal, creating a proper network among them as well as their seniors and juniors. As a part of this competitive world, we think network is very important; and that’s why we are thinking about doing this.


The reason why we want to start this community:

As we all know, Communities are a very important part of one’s college life. It will create a sense of dedication and teamwork in them, it will make them more adaptable to different kind of work environments and needless to say; it will help them grow as students. And seeing that there aren’t many communities active in our college these days, we thought to come up with one. Here are the specific reasons so as to why we want to start Open culture –

  • To get rid of this huge communication gap that we see in our college every day, among different people coming from the various parts of this country.
  • As engineering students, we think network is very important for us and that’s why we are creating this community where we can properly interact with our seniors, so that we will be benefited from their experience.
  • Because engineering is such a field which is bound to give you some frustration at some point of time, so Open culture will work as platform to get rid of this frustration/monotony from our daily life. Here you will get a proper platform to showcase your hidden talent for your overall development.     

Activities that we will be having in Open culture:

Informal sessions where there will be proper interaction between seniors/juniors and also among their own batch mates.

  • Communication sessions [motivational talks from seniors, public speaking events, group discussion, storytelling sessions]
  • Provision of proper mentors to the juniors in their respective field of interest [Be it robotics/coding/art/singing/dancing/drama/sports/stand up comedy/creative writing etc]
  • Providing a proper platform to the juniors to showcase their own hidden talent.

How the newcomers will be benefited by this initiative:

  • Being 1st year students, they actually don’t have any idea how things work in a college atmosphere. Here they will get an insight to their real college life.
  • As we are focusing on the interaction between the 1st year students with the seniors, so this will help them in having a good bonding with their seniors.
  • The mentors allotted to each of them in their respective field of interest will enhance their skill & boost their moral towards their further progress in their own area of interest.
  • The events conducted in Open Culture like public speaking, group discussion etc will enhance their communication skills. As a result of this, their stage fear will reduce to a minimal. Following which they will be able to perform various activities in near with much self confidence.
  • And coming to the “FRUSTRATION PART”, yes, Open Culture will definitely reduce the intensity of the frustration going on inside them. Thus, it will recreate a better version of their minds so that they can further work with the same spirit with which they started their day.
  • Finally, the environment of Open Culture will enhance the personality of the 1st year students by working towards their all round development, simultaneously teaching them about dedication, teamwork and everything else, which will truly make them a good student and more importantly, a good human being.