Living amidst the books of Harry Potter, dreaming about receiving a letter from Hogwarts while staying at 4 – Privet Drive, taking the Hogwarts Express from platform number 9 ¾ is wanderlust for this 19 year old girl. Though unlike others, who began reading Harry Potter back when they were kids, she was introduced to this magical world of “Avada Kedavra” when she was old enough to correctly define the fine line between reality and wizardry. But J. K. Rowling, with her compulsive words never failed to take this 19 year old mind onto a tour of the magical world riding on a Nimbus 2000. Getting admitted to NIT Agartala, traveling from West Bengal to here, residing in the Gargi hostel, each of this is no less than the dream of living a wizard’s life in the real muggle world.


As she started considering herself as one of the wizardry world, NIT-A became Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Though she is a diehard Gryffindor, but unlike others she does not consider herself to be Harry Potter, rather she is the witty, weird Luna Lovegood. Pottermore says so too. Yes, she is weird, a unique Ravenclaw, a true friend and an artist. And yes she is just as sane as Luna. Seeing the world through the “Loony Lovegood” lens made her realize that rather than concentrating on the death eaters roaming around her i.e. the toxicating people, she can focus on the nargles out there.


Being in Hogwarts, now this crazy girl finds herself craving for a Butterbeer instead of a mug of hot chocolate, wants to send messages through Owl Postal Services instead of e-mails, seeks to ride a Nimbus 2000 rather than an Audi or Mercedes. Goes to the SBI and considers herself to be in the Gringotts Wizarding Bank. The NITA market is no less than Diagon Alley. Each senior seems to be a version of Cedric Diggory or Fred and George Weasley. The electrical lab has become the Class of Charms, Chemistry lab is the Defence against Dark Arts class. The thing she is really confused about is why she still has not come across the Dark Lord. But her wits tell her that she is not prepared enough to destroy the horcruxes. But one thing she is very sure about is the Hostel Supervisor is none other than Dolores Umbridge whom we all love to hate.


Besides standing by to meet and defeat him whose name cannot be taken, she is equally longing to meet the Neville Longbottom of her life. She is still waiting to encounter the cranky, crazy guy to cross her path who perceives the madcap nature of this version of Luna. Just hope that she meets her Neville anytime soon.


If the entire world’s map is esteemed to be the Marauder’s map, then just let this girl explore the world with all her heart and make her way to the Chamber of Secrets.


This 19 year old is nobody else but me who thinks that magic is everywhere. Time stretches and squeezes, stars realign, sky changes its color every 8 hours a day, blooming buds become flowers, a dark night brings with it the glory of the day and here we are, thinking that we are staying in a muggle world. No we are not. We just need to see things in our own way and every other little thing will appear to be magical and this real crappy world will be no less than the wizardry world of Harry Potter.



  • Joyeta Modek,

B.Tech – 2nd sem, ECE

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