Library Suffocation


WHYYYY ARE YOU LAUGHIN!!!! DIDN’T YOU SAY YOU WILL LISTEN ? As I thought you are just like everyone, you, you all are no different. You all will never understand me.”

Lizzy’s eyes were filled with puddles of tears as she looked at J’s gentle smile turned into an uncontrollable laughter. He laughed, holding his tummy, the benevolence that made Lizzy confess her fears were taunting her.

“Please don’t mind me. It’s just my first time hearing someone scared of BOOKS. Hehe I mean books. Hah b-o ha books. You are scared of books. *cough*  I can’t take it, it’s been a while I’ve laughed so much.”

Lizzy frowned “See that’s why I never tell this to anyone. I thought talking to a librarian like you will help unlike my teacher who calls me a brat.”

She pushed the chair and left.

J looked perplexed not knowing what to do; the best he could come up was to hold his diabolic laugh for a while.

“Bibliophobic hmm. Humans sure are interesting.”

It was not new; she had doubted him from the very beginning. Her friends, siblings, all played pranks on her. In the end this only added fuel to the fire.

“She can’t withstand a pile of books.”

“Yea she never scared of bookshelves.”

“She even hates the smell of books.”

She was now used to these remarks on a regular basis.

But one fine day Lizzy life took a major turn, ominous should I say. A classmate approached her.

“Lizzy we got three tickets for this movie since she can’t come this evening. Will ya?” It was the first time someone has ever asked her out, usually she was tossed in the list of creeps but she was still asked to join. The movie was good and she had someone to talk to her. On their way back Jane proposed that she needed a book from the central library.

“Don’t worry Lizzy we won’t go inside. I’ll be there with you just outside Jane will go get that book and we all go. How simple is that?” They reached the porch, Jane went and opened the door, Lizzy heart skipped a beat, something was off and then she tripped and the next moment she was sitting on the floor of the gigantic library.

The door shut behind her and she gave a horrifying scream. There were books and books everywhere. Books on shelve, books on the table, chairs, even some of them on the floor. There was not a single soul in that dimly haunting library but only books. The moon ascended in the sky and Lizzy’s screams echoed in the library. Her mind was befogged, she was petrified. She cried and her nose was dripping. She stood wobbly and attempted to run in the opposite direction but collapsed with the shelves, she was now crying frantically. She hit a nerve and now she was mad, she was no more her usual self. She was now a lunatic who was colliding with the bookshelves. With a grim hit, a fat, old book from the top shelf hit her head; behind it one by one they were all falling. They broke her arm, they rendered her immovable. They were pouring down as if raining and they piled on her. She grasped for air, she tried to move, but her life was going to wane. The library was now a battlefield between a bibliophobic and the books but as seconds passed the books grew stronger. And finally her spirit died.

On the contrary, the friends outside giggled hearing her scream. Suddenly they saw a silhouette, it was a tall figure with captivate blue eyes, lean build and a grin plastered over his face. He brought a knife and pierced through one’s heart, the other collapsed frozen in fear.

“Don’t Ki l- l”.

“Please maintain silence in the library. You shouldn’t disturb the other.” saying this he sliced his throat.

“W- whoa-re yo-u-o-u…” a feeble voice came from behind him. “I am a wrecked being, an inhabitant of darkness, I am danger, I am a fiend under a generous salary man, you may call me J but I suppose it’s all useless now since you have already given up.” J grinned diabolically, in that pool of blood, “It’s been a long time I’ve played till my heart’s content. Let’s see what they were laughing for.” He went inside and what waited was something amusing for him.

“~here it’s our lovely bibliophobic, how nefarious of the two they locked you here~. Poor thing you made me laugh so much. But don’t worry your death won’t go in vain.

Saying this he took out his phone.

“Hello officer, there is been a scene in the central library.”


The next day headlines :-

In the central library three high school students were found dead. Two of them were slaughtered and the later died from suffocation. The police state that the later murdered the other two before suffocating from a pile of books. The killer was claimed to be suffering from….”

“~here you never know who is hidden under a sheep’s clothing. Poor Lizzy despair and loneliness took her too far. I wonder how long I have to wait for some fun ~here.”


                    By J      


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